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ITSL is the largest commissioning company in the BC interior.  Our Cx Providers have commissioned many of the hospital, university & LEED-certified projects in the Interior in the last 30 years. 

Our commissioning services meet CSA Z318, Z320 & Z8001 Standards and LEED Fundamental & Enhanced commissioning requirements. ​

We are partnering with commissioning software provider Bluerithm, a powerhouse of data compilation and workflow tracking, to further streamline our Cx processes. 

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  • ​Building Management System (BMS) Hardware, Software & Sequence Logic

  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Systems

  • Domestic Hot Water & Plumbing Systems

  • Life Safety Systems & Items that Interface with HVAC: Fire Alarm, Egress Pressurization, Fire Protection

  • Potable Water Efficiency Technologies

  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems 

  • Automatic Natural Ventilation Systems


  • Communications & Data Systems - Audio-Visual, Cellular, Intercom, Nurse Call, Paging, Public Address, Radio, Structured Cabling, Telephone, Wireless Networks 

  • Security Systems - Access Control, CCTV, Door Control, Intrusion Alarm, Panic & Duress  

  • Remote Tracking Location Systems - Asset Tracking, Infant Abduction, Patient Tracking, Staff Location, 

  • Integration of IT & HVAC & Electrical Systems


  • Electrical Distribution Systems - Transformers, Switchgear, Panels & Receptacles 

  • Emergency Power Systems - Generator & Uninterruptable Power Supply

  • Lighting & Controls Systems - Interior, Exterior, Emergency & Exit Lighting



The LEED® green building program is the preeminent program for the design, construction, maintenance, and operations of high-performance green buildings. Learn more at

Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning is a prerequisite for achieving most designations of LEED certification, and Enhanced Commissioning includes best-practice activities during the design and occupancy phases. 

ITSL has provided Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning services for more than 60 LEED projects to date.

Our scope of work as the Cx Authority includes coordinating the commissioning process, completing on-site functional commissioning for building systems and preparing LEED documentation. ​​ 

Mechanical Room

Many existing buildings have not been commissioned or existing control systems sequences are causing poor performance.  

Existing building commissioning results in optimized systems that work efficiently in all modes of operation, reducing energy usage and operating costs. We focus on identifying and implementing low cost / no cost improvements to improve buildings systems performance. 

It is beneficial for a building to be recommissioned if significant renovations or additions have been completed, if occupancy has changed, if there are unjustified increases in energy use, or if issues with the HVAC systems are occurring. 

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