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Vision and Mission

Vision: Inland Technical Services Ltd will be recognized as the premier building systems commissioning firm which contributes to energy efficient, safe and high-quality buildings throughout Western Canada.

Mission: Inland Technical Services Ltd will test, optimize, and adjust HVAC and life safety systems in new construction or existing buildings for drastically improved comfort, energy efficiency and safety through our knowledge, process and dedication to integrity.


  1. Have fun, be safe and have trust in each other. Maintain an inclusive and positive work atmosphere. Respect each other and appreciate differences in personalities. We need to be confident we have each other's backs.

  2. Master Your Craft. Report only factual and repeatable readings and strive for continuous learning. Revel in hard work and relish in the details. Build a rewarding reputation in the industry.

  3. Own It: Opportunities to grow based on leadership, integrity, and ability to take on new responsibilities.

  4. Take pride in our work. Strive to provide the best service and be an ally for the contractors we work for. Promote ITSL to encourage growth for the firm and realize ITSL success is our success.

  5. Win Together. Mentor, help and share information among colleagues. Learn more. Lead by example and be patient to bring out the best in each other.

  6. Trust. Remember that the success of the business (an enjoyable work culture and the careers of us all) depends on each other for honesty and integrity to use/charge our time effectively and take pride in our work.


Social Responsibility

Inland Technical Services’ bread and butter is energy efficiency and life safety. Our goal is to ensure buildings don’t consume more energy than they need and that all safety systems function as intended.

As manmade global warming threatens life as we know it for us all, we must recognize the major contributions to the issue. Buildings across the world are a significant source of energy consumption. Improvements to building energy efficiency are significantly improved through proper building commissioning. It is our responsibility as humans to look out for the well-being of the planet and we strive to make an impact on unnecessary energy usage.

When we improve our built environment to meet energy efficient models and provide safer occupied spaces, the systems required to make this happen are becoming more complicated and interconnected. Thus, it is Inland Technical Services’ mission to ensure that these systems function flawlessly.

Because our work is based on trust, our integrity to do the work right is first and foremost. We recognize without our reputation; we would not be in business. Delivering trusted data and results is paramount to our success.

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