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Henry & Vickie Pejril

Senior TAB Technician & Senior Cx Agent, 1986 - 2020
Administration & Accounting, 1986 - 2020

Company Founders

Henry and Vickie Pejril started Inland Technical Services in 1986. Inland soon gained the approval of every major mechanical consultant in BC and became the largest balancing & commissioning firm in the BC Interior.  

Beginning as draftsman and then managing a branch of a balancing firm, Henry sat on a committee chaired by Cedric Truman of BCBC and John Lamble of D.W. Thompson Consultants Ltd. to develop commissioning standards and protocol for the Province of BC.  

Henry has 35 years of HVAC design, drafting, testing and balancing and commissioning experience.  He is certified in Intelisite control management software and has experience in programming, electronics, pneumatics, mechanical systems, security systems and programming

Vickie managed the business administration, accounting and payroll, and generally kept everything running smoothly for 35 years.  

In 2020, Luke Buis worked with Henry and Vickie on a succession plan to lead the Inland team forward.  After transitioning ownership to Luke, Henry and Vickie continued to be involved with Vickie handling the book-keeping and Henry providing the team with technical support. 

Luke continues Inland Technical Services’ commitment to integrity, reliability and data-driven technical expertise.

Henry & Vickie Pejril
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