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Mike Beauchesne

Senior TAB Technician & Senior Cx Agent


Mike Beauchesne has more than 25 years of testing & balancing and commissioning experience.  His work experience includes being an HVAC Service Technician, Assistant Refrigeration Mechanic, Controls Technician, Corrosion Technician and an Electrical Service Technician.

Henry Pejril

Owner, Senior TAB Technician & Senior Cx Agent 


Vickie Pejril

Owner, Administration & Accounting


Henry Pejril has 35 years of HVAC design, drafting, testing and balancing and commissioning experience. Henry sat on the committee responsible for developing commissioning protocols for BC. He is certified in Intelisite control management software and has experience in programming, electronics, pneumatics, mechanical systems, security systems and programming.

Mike Starheim has more than 25 years of testing & balancing and commissioning experience.  His experience encompasses mechanical design concepts and evaluation, measuring and testing of air and water systems, mechanical systems verifications and project management and coordination. Mike maintained ITSL's satellite office in Kelowna for more than 20 years, and trains and oversees Kelowna's balancing technicians.

Ken Jones
Senior Cx Agent


Mike Starhiem         

Senior TAB Technician & Senior Cx Agent​


​Luke Buis, AScT

Senior TAB Technician & Cx Agent


Jason Barrie

TAB Technician


​Kent Henning, Diploma of Technology

O&M Manual Preparation, Estimator & TAB Field Support


​Stephan Neu

Office Manager & Estimator


Ken is a qualified Electrical Manager with certification as an Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician, Master Electrician and Class A Electrician. He is a former BC Electrical Contractor with over 25 years of electrical trade experience. 

He has experience in a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial projects including electrical distribution systems, generators, fire alarm systems, switchgear up to 25KV, building lighting and automation systems.


Commissioning Division
Balancing Division

Shevaun has a Diploma of Technology in Building Sciences, is an Applied Science Technologist and is LEED AP BD+C certified.

She has 8 years experience preparing commissioning documentation for LEED, coordinating LEED projects and preparing schedules and estimates for commissioning.

​Shevaun Barrie, AScT, LEED AP BD+C

Office Manager & LEED Estimator


​Chantelle Pshyk, Mech Eng Technologist,  LEED AP O&M

Recommissioning Manager & Cx Field Support


​Nikki Tjornhom 

TAB Technician


​Candace McStea

TAB Technician


Andrew Martin

TAB Technician


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