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As a team, we take pride in the work we do and are excited to serve the mechanical community with the manpower and experience to take on projects of any size and complexity.  On our path forward, we strive to be a valuable partner, an ally on your team, and to work with you to help deliver projects successfully.

Please don’t hesitate to give any one of us a shout or email, even just to bounce a question around.


​Luke Buis, AScT, Associate Commissioning Professional 

Owner / Kelowna Branch Manager, 2020

Senior TAB Technician & Cx Agent, 2009

Luke has been with Inland Technical since 2009, developing his skills and experience to become a senior balancing technician and then commissioning agent. He now serves as the company owner and Kelowna branch manager, ensuring the highest standard of work is delivered to clients.


Through an extensive in-house training program based on National Environmental Balancing Bureau standards, he has helped build a solid team of knowledgeable technicians who reliably deliver trusted results.


Experienced with energy conservation and building efficiency, Luke works with senior Cx Agent Mike Starheim to re-commission existing buildings to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and improve occupancy comfort. 

​Stephan Neu

General Manager & Senior Estimator, 2009

Stephan Neu has managed the operation of Inland Technical for more than 10 years. He spent a year as a balancing tech before taking the wheel of the TAB & Cx estimating department. His high-level technical expertise and infallible memory makes him an integral asset to the team.

Steve remembers every single job he has ever quoted. It's incredible really.

Sarah Loutfi

O&M Manual Preparation, Estimator & TAB Field Support, 2019

Sarah has a Diploma in Engineering Technology and is a registered member of the ASTTBC. She has 12 plus years of design experience and worked as a mechanical designer before joining Inland Technical. She is the Kamloops office CAD specialist and head of the maintenance manual department for both offices.

Mike Starhiem         

Senior Cx Agent​, 1987

​Mike Starheim was one of Inland's first employees, gaining 35 years of testing & balancing and commissioning experience. His experience encompasses mechanical design concepts and evaluation, measuring and testing air and water systems, mechanical systems verifications, project management and coordination. Mike maintained ITSL's satellite office in Kelowna for more than 20 years, mentoring Kelowna's upcoming commissioning agents and balancing technicians. Mike has balanced and commissioned hundreds of projects throughout BC.

Mike Beauchesne

Senior TAB Technician & Senior Cx Agent, 1988-1999, 2004-2007, 2009

​Mike Beauchesne has more than 25 years of testing & balancing and commissioning experience. He has worked in Canada, Australia and New Zealand throughout his career, coming back to Inland when in Canada. His work experience includes HVAC Service Technician, Assistant Refrigeration Mechanic, Controls Technician, Corrosion Technician and Electrical Service Technician. Mike mentors Kamloops' newest balancing techs while successfully delivering dozens of projects of the highest complexity across BC. His varied career means that he has experience with all types of systems and equipment. If it has been built, Mike knows all about it. 

​Shevaun Barrie, AScT, LEED AP BD+C

Office Manager & Cx Authority, 2009

Shevaun has a Diploma of Technology in Building Sciences, is an Applied Science Technologist and is LEED AP BD+C certified.

She is Kelowna's office manager, LEED CxA & CAD specialist, and do-er of all things. Coming from a building science and architectural background, Shevaun has been optimizing ITSL's Cx Authority process for more than 10 years. She has been an important spoke of the wheel on dozens of projects including the KGH, PRH, VJH, VIH hospital projects, the Okanagan College's Center of Excellence, Center of Learning and Vernon Trades Building, and many of the region's BC Housing projects.

Michelle Friesen

Administration & Bookkeeping, 2020

Logan Wriglesworth, B.A.Sc Mechanical Eng.

Cx Agent & Cx Field Support, 2019

Logan brings a Degree in Mechanical Engineering to the Inland team, with industrial preventative maintenance field experience. Logan's focus is on the role of commissioning authority and agent, learning the processes of mechanical, electrical and IMIT systems commissioning, re-commissioning and CAN/ULC-S1001 Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems. His recent experience includes successfully commissioning and integrating some of the regions largest and most complex hospital electrical, IMIT and life-safety systems.

Raj Narwan

TAB Technician, 2020

John Watson

TAB Technician, 2022

Jason Barrie

Senior TAB Technician, 2014

 Jason is a senior balancing technician in Kelowna and has provided the industry with exceptionally accurate balancing data for 7 years. He is committed to the integrity of his results and is great at troubleshooting.

Recent work experience includes successfully pulling together some of the Interior's largest and most complex hospital HVAC systems.

​Jack Nelson 

TAB Technician, 2017

Jack Nelson comes from a background as an electrician, working on HVAC control systems in Australia and Canada.  He has masterfully taken on the challenges of delivering balanced and optimized systems, gaining experience with complicated and phased hospital renovations and commercial HVAC systems.

Dryden Kemp

TAB Technician, 2017

Dryden Kemp has a background in HVAC maintenance and is a ticketed Journeyman electrician.  His pragmatic approach to trouble-shooting and problem-solving has enabled him to test and balance complex university and commercial HVAC systems. 

Company History & Founders

Henry Pejril

Company Founder, Senior TAB Technician & Senior Cx Agent, 1986

Vickie Pejril

Company Founder, Administration & Accounting, 1986 

Henry and Vickie Pejril started Inland Technical Services in 1986. Inland soon gained the approval of every major mechanical consultant in BC and became the largest balancing & commissioning firm in the BC Interior.  


Beginning as draftsman and then managing a branch of a balancing firm, Henry sat on a committee chaired by Cedric Truman of BCBC and John Lamble of D.W. Thompson Consultants Ltd. to develop commissioning standards and protocol for the Province of BC.  

Henry has 35 years of HVAC design, drafting, testing and balancing and commissioning experience.  He is certified in Intelisite control management software and has experience in programming, electronics, pneumatics, mechanical systems, security systems and programming


Vickie managed the business administration, accounting and payroll, and generally kept everything running smoothly for 35 years.  

In 2020, Luke Buis worked with Henry and Vickie on a succession plan to lead the Inland team forward.  After transitioning ownership to Luke, Henry and Vickie continued to be involved with Vickie handling the book-keeping and Henry providing the team with technical support. 


Luke continues Inland Technical Services’ commitment to integrity, reliability and data-driven technical expertise.

Andrew Martens

TAB Technician, 2018



Brett Hirtle

TAB Technician, 2021



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